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Giving Used Clothing a Second Life

Transform your pre-owned clothing into workwear, sportswear or company uniform with our custom print and embroidery service.

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Welcome to The Preowned Print Company

At our workshop in Kingston upon Thames, we specialise in printing your used garments and giving them a new purpose.

We transform your pre-loved clothing into workwear, sportswear or company uniform.

Whether you want to save money or save the environment, printing items already in your wardrobe is a great option!

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Why Print Used?

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  • 1

    Help the Planet

    Repurposing your clothing will completely cut out the amount of energy used to produce new garments.

  • 2

    Stop Wastage

    You can't return personalised items when you order them new online. Avoid any sizing issues by printing your own items.

  • 3

    Save Money

    The cost of clothing has increased significantly in recent years. Keep some money in your pocket and print pre-owned!